Modecor Laminate Range

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Modecor Laminate

Modecor is a postforming grade laminate avaliable in a modern range of colour designs. Modecor is suitable for horizontal general postforming and can also be used in vertical applications. Avaliable in a thickness of 0.6mm with a width up to 1310mm and a length of 3660mm. Tight bending radius with standard postforming techniques allowing Modecor colours to be formed at a 6mm radius. It gives the look of solid surface with the price and practicality of Laminate.

Care and Maintenance

We recommend that the decorative surfaces may be cleaned with warm water and mild soaps, such as those used for hands and dishes. We do not recommend the use of cleaners, which may contain abrasives, acids or alkalis; they will damage the decorative surface. Avoid extreme heat such as pots removed from hotplate. Avoid cutting on or sliding kitchenware across surface.

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