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Compact laminate products in Adelaide

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Laminex compact laminate is an innovative and durable decorative panel created from thermosetting resins, homogeneously reinforced with cellulose fibres and manufactured under high pressure and temperatures. As such, panels formed this way are strong, self-supporting, moisture-resistant, and durable. Depending upon the application, the standard panel thickness is 13mm, 16mm or 18mm. Panels have a black core, which when machined, present a distinctive black edge.

Laminex compact laminate is highly suitable for tabletops, laboratory worktops, office furniture, and kitchen benchtops. It is beautiful in appearance and can take plenty of rough treatment. It is also extremely resistant to scratches, wear, stains, moisture, and impact.

Laminex is perfect for environments where durability and functionality is a must, so look no further than Laminex compact laminate when the going gets tough.

The available colours for this product are from the Laminex range of laminates. To view these colours, please click on the following link: Laminex Compact Laminate.

Laminex® Compact Laminate

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